Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Overview

Explore the wondrous world of extraordinary, light-emitting organisms that populate our planet in The Field Museum’s captivating new exhibition, Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence, showing from March 7 through January 5, 2014.

Marvel at an incredible array of luminous life forms, from spellbinding fishes that brighten our ocean’s darkest depths, to blinking beetles found in your own backyard! Live fish, larger-than-life models, and interactive displays let you decode a firefly’s flicker, learn how flashlight fish flirt, gape at giant glowing jellies, and more.

Come weave your way through simulated glowworm webs suspended from the ceiling of New Zealand’s Waitomo caves, then trigger the twinkling of “pyrotechnic” plankton in Puerto Rico’s Mosquito Bay, and watch what happens on a night dive with special lighting along the Cayman Island’s Bloody Bay coral wall.

Through iPad stations featuring videos, animations, and in-depth content, discover how different organisms use light to attract mates, lure prey, or defend against predators. And meet museum scientists who work to study these creatures and protect their habitats worldwide.

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